Static Website Hosting in Sydney, Australia

The best static website hosting provider in Sydney 🦘 from just $1 dollar a month. We're the cheapest in Australia 🎉

Static website hosting

You've got a great website and want it to live in Australia, it's not complicated and it doesn't have to be! We specialise in delivering simple webhosting to Aussie individuals & SMEs with the most competitive pricing in the business. If static website hosting doesn't cut it for you, we also offer Wordpress hosting with up to 5 MySQL databases.

Wordpress website hosting

We offer highly affordable Wordpress hosting in Sydney, Australia. We know that static websites won't work for everyone, that's why we still provide a Wordpress option for only $2.00 per month. The main difference between the Static and Wordpress plans that we offer is that Wordpress plan comes with MySQL support with up to 5 databases!

What do I get for my dollarydoo

500mb of storage, unlimited bandwidth, access to our easy to use control panel on a shared service. Don't let that fool you, we're blasing fast. We use optimized configurations specifically for static websites with advanced caching that means you'll load faster than your competitors.

More about our services

As you've probably guessed, Static Hosting is an Australian budget hosting provider offering websites a place to live. Nothing more, nothing less. Most hosting providers today provide you with more services than you need complicating the experience and increasing their prices. If you have a website for your personal portfolio, project or business that doesn't require a database (often associated with Wordpress), we believe our static hosting plan is the best option in Australia. Because of our specialisation in this space, we can undercut the other 'major' hosting providers by cutting out features you don't need. If you have a website, consider using Static Hosting for just 1 dollar per month.

Aussie support

Hosted in Australia, supported by Aussies. We pride ourselves on quality service, give us a shot and we'll prove it to you.

99.5% uptime guarantee

We guarantee 99.5% uptime. If we fail to meet that, we'll give you a month free (with the exception of scheduled maintenance).

Ready in 24 hours

We'll get you up and running within 24 hours. You'll get access to our control panel so you can manage your service yourself. "I don't know how to manage it myself!"; don't worry! Email us your website and we'll set it up for you free of charge. SSL certs can be generated for free with Let's Encrypt.

So darn cheap

We keep costs low by specalising in static website hosting. We use VestaCP as our Control Panel which is free for us and all our customers. Plus it's really awesome!

Subscribe to Static Hosting - FREE 1 month trial 😲

Ready to subscribe? It's easy. Hit the PayPal button below and your details will be sent to the email associated with your PayPal account within 24 hours.

Your first month is entirely free no strings attached and no money upfront! Feel free to trial our services and if you're not happy just cancel your subscription through PayPal or contact our support. We're that confident.

Static Website Plan

$12 AUD Per Year (just $1 per month!)

  • 💾 SSD Storage: 500MB
  • 🌐 Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • 🖥️ MySQL Databases: None
  • 👨‍💻 Backups: Yes, rolling 5 days

Wordpress Website Plan

$24 AUD Per Year (just $2 per month!)

  • 💾 SSD Storage: 2GB
  • 🌐 Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • 🖥️ MySQL Databases: 5
  • 👨‍💻 Backups: Yes, rolling 5 days

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions using the form below. We pride ourselves on our quality service so give us a shot 😉.